Machiya Oozora 3 Stars Hotel in Kyoto, Japan Within US Travel Directory Stay in the heart of Kyoto One of our top picks in Kyoto – and a guest favourite.
Machiya Oozora features a mix of traditional Kyoto and modern-style decor, such as shoji sliding paper screens with traditional Kyoto paper craft, comfortable cushions and Kyoto-style curtains.
The property garden features seasonal flowers and plants such as maples, camellias, sasanqua camellias, plums, irises and lily turfs.
Guests can relax and enjoy reading manga or novels in the library room on site.
Kyoto-style breakfast or dinner can be provided upon request at an additional charge.
Kimono rental can also be organised by property staff for guests during their stay.
Machiya Oozora features a small kitchen with kitchenware, tableware and flavoring material.
The property comes equipped with a refrigerator, washing machine and laundry detergent.
An iron and a clothesline are also available for your convenience.
Mineral water, English tea, green tea and coffee are provided.
Toiletries provided on site include a toothbrush, hairbrush, a razor, hairbands, face lotion, skin milk, cotton buds, shampoo, hair-conditioner, body soap and body sponge.
Bath towels and face towels are also available.

Machiya Oozora – Kyoto Hotels, Japan
Location in : Nakagyo-ku Mibumatsubaracho 44-1zip 604-8823, Kyoto, Japan

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Machiya Oozora – Kyoto Hotels, Japan

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