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Hello everybody why don’t we started this week off with it too boreal got to be favorite close your eyes imagine for a second that you have all your camera gear set up right notes your perfect cameras and you’re in this beautiful sooner or maybe at about mountain looks perfect the sun setting it’s a perfect light coming in, and then you look up and you see your talent and you have no idea how the direct the person that you’re filming we’ve all been there I used to struggle so much with figuring out how do direct people and how to get them to be natural and just normal in front of the cameras especially people that have never been in front of a or professional actors you come across this and in the wedding photographers filmmaking industry

so why don’t we go through or five tips on how to direct people :

Number one don’t be scared to talk could you just radon on Mr don’t be that you’re going to have to communicate with your talent with your actors with the people that you’re filming that’s the only the way that you’re going to be able to direct them to do things that you need them the tools to help them to be natural and I think it really helps even before he starts building before you pull it the camera we are to just talk to them treat them to make normal people and talk to their of getting no them a little bit maybe you make some jokes or something I don’t know to make them feel really comfortable before

even start filming it’s going to make a really big difference and the way

that they’re receptive to your direction trying to be as a pool as you can with them

person holding black DSLR camera

before you start directing them my younger brother temple is she’s really really got there’s especially within couples who becomes friends with them so quickly so that by the time you have to be portraits or any of the more direct we have the things on a letting shoot that just doing everything my brothers saying and willing to try anything to get a really cool photo array video clips also if you’re working on a bigger set where there are lights and can check cameras and all this craziness try to make a field as nor most possible for the first and try to kind of almost ignore it and just make them focused on you instead of all of the craziness because looking it can be a little bit of a weird spotlight effect and that can really your talent and then it’s really hard to direct them once they’re all frozen up and for you in all that.

Number two i’m going to for this shot I mean you need to do right down here with your one wheel and then if just launched yourself off the stare I think you are able to land over there no problem I think we have insurance for that I think you can do it , I think if i’d

the people that you’re filming most like we have a mess other like professional actors or something they’re not going to think and filmmaking terms so you’re going to have to explain which

man holding video camera standing near body of water

you have in mind things that you think are going to work really well you’re going to explain that and a higher level you don’t have to see everything but i think you want to get them in the great state of mind against the before you start filming just so you’re on the same page when you’re explaining your vision try not to use the like film lingo and all that stuff tried to keep it to the basics where they can really understand what you’re trying to say I remember their most likely not filmmakers they don’t understand filmmaking terminology so don’t tell them you going to be filming with a thirty-five midlands and you can have film in one hundred points for incher second do this camera.

Number three you wouldn’t work from math wrote to might growth what do i mean by this you’re don’t want to be saying things like a can you move your i had like five degrees tune left when you haven’t got them in the right place so you want to first make sure that they’re in the right place what I’ve physically got them to move and a certain spot was the light looks good or where the framing is just right and then you start directing this

the small learn more like grove things so it goes from the macro to my girls

man standing in front of cameras with string lights background

for the big things to the small things so that’s what you can start to bring about things like coast and like this are put your head towards this direction or can you move your eyes to over here those now like the micro-adjustments that you do at the very end first do the back bigger adjustments that big things

these and then work on the smaller things because there’s no point and telling them

but we were to look and where there I should be

and all that stuff if they were just totally in the wrong spot you have to move them and then do it all

again anyways now for me, I’m not a big fan of directing every little by kind of just to put them in the right place and then give them some directions so they can act naturally and so that’s

number four natural and if you can’t do to tell people especially when they’re not actors to act natural just it doesn’t work to get all awkward they get all beard and they’re just focused on my camera so to give them a better chance that acting helps to give them something to do whether it’s you know i pulled a camera and take a photo array grab a coffee or even just like walking and talking i don’t know how many times I use this under wedding yours all this just walking to talk this way and that’s when you get those natural moments where the focusing on doing something else and not the cameras Eunice they lose focus of the camera that’s one they

There are acting natural and normal and that’s when you get the real and stuff the authentic stuff point is if you want to get our real smile not like one of those bake smiles if you want to get a real smile only need use especially if there’s a few of them

He asked for somebody to say a joke or something funding and what have two things will happen to the complete freeze

one of them will see some joke or something that most likely is it actually that

and it will be really awkward for a moment a lot of times but then because the awkwardness that is going to have burst out laughing and that’s when you were to snap

the picture or take that video clip and get that really authentic kind of a laughing smile it’s like the real smile not enough they got the make smell like that and make sure you’re willing for the moment after don’t miss that moment after that’s when the real stuff happens all they might smile smaller left a little bit the awkwardly is that’s not going to be real it’s after the laughter that that’s when you get to the good stuff

person holding camera with stabilizer

Number five give them time especially non bf actors don’t try to rush them don’t try to stress them up because as soon as you start feeling like after rush this and you get flustered you how is only going to get even more flustered and we’re doing out and off word and they’re just not going to be down with the things that you’re saying directing they’re not going to trust you and it just all goes down health from there if you get stressed out because you’re trying to force things I guarantee you get a goal very bad leave with your directing we’re going to lose the sun of one trying to one trying filers stopped got one sure that this voice

you take your time the equally even if you’re under a time crunch just then make everything’s fine we’ve got all day long there’s no pressure no this use let’s just keep go and like with all things directing you need to practice weather that’s going on a photo walk with your friend or your shooting a wedding are you doing an interview as somebody it takes a lot of practice to learn how to direct people and to get them to be natural and normal and camera it takes a lot of practice it’s not easy it’s one of those really hard skills to learn and I guess that’s wife people you know started off with the more of basic filmmaking stuff and then a lot of people end up to resting because it does take

a lot more skill and there’s a top more that goes along

on with directing then setting up some lights are pointing a camera somewhere directing is really really it has but you can do a practice he practicing and you’re going to get to use these five to i guarantee you we will help I think that’s a good editorial to start off this week I hope to helps you guys putting the use to go film something threat those people a sea goes tomorrow then I’ve hit the film motherlode over here someone sent me a camera

film camera this one’s in Olympus and the whole bunch of his life in which i get to take is forever hey Maddie joy jo you guys there’s no joy you guys even my videos told me about the excitement and so you got from shooting your first roll of films so we thought it would understand you some more were all about getting more people to experience that same stoke shoot well and half a breeding from bread him for photographer this is the film supply club comes up like I assume you guys have provided

the men film cameras in the target stuff thank you very much because you go to check them so I’m going to make something photos

people fado flashed these ones like the first rule although that was in my fault those marks for use

Five tips on how to direct people and how to get them to be natural and just normal in front of the cameras

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